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Shamans, Shamanic Drumming & the Journey

Our site is chock full of information about shamans, shamanism, shamanic drumming, shamanic healing practices, journeying, and the entire gamut of shamanism and shamanistic practices that have been used world wide for countless centuries by just about every culture on this plant.

There is a bit of Magic involved!

The interesting fact is that many of the practices have been cross cultured, meaning that something more is going on on a deeper level when culutres far apart use similar practices for healing, journeying, and experiencing other realms of existence!

This site is all about looking into all of this for self discovery and to gain the experiences the shamans and their counterparts around the world have discovered.

The Tools of the Shaman

The drum is the basic tool used for journeying. Drums, usually called shamanic drums, are the main elelment for gaining the experience. Rattles, sticks, bells, hammers of various kinds, even bones and rocks have been used to make the hypnotic sound that ushers into the spiritual realms.

All of these items, and anything else that makes a continuous sound does the trick, and helping to get the people into the right frame of mind are such things are sage, rattles, incense, camp fires...and on and on.

Gaining Entrance Into the Spirit World

The tools of the shaman are the key to entering this realm where you can experience Spirit Guides, Animal Spirits, Spirit Helpers, and experience cleansing, guidance, healing, obtain information to solve current problems and issues, and to find balance, and harmony.

Shamanic drumming and journeying is a great tool to trick the mind into relaxation and to let the Spirit soar into the realms of the spiritual seeker. It is truly one of the best and most effective forms of meditation.

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